Our Founder, Greg Atkinson, speaks on guest services often. He trains teams, church staffs, and volunteers. He also coaches leaders of teams. If you’d like to speak with him about this, contact Greg here.

Maybe you want to make guests a priority at your church or business and you’re asking the big question: How much will it cost? You can reserve your spot and book the Secret Shopper by contacting Greg today. Each church/business and each situation are different. Greg bases his costs according to church size, length of stay and travel involved.

Currently, we offer three main packages of secret shopping/guest evaluation for churches. (If you’d like to do something different or customizable for your situation, just let us know). Business and corporate training are different. For info on that, contact Greg here.

This is the traditional secret shopper trip. Greg arrives on a Saturday and attends all your weekend services (whether you have Saturday night, Sunday morning and/or Sunday night). There is a set fee (plus travel expenses) based on the size of your church.

This is a new offering from us where Greg arrives on a Friday night and speaks to your staff and senior leadership. On Saturday, Greg will meet with your volunteers and leaders of your first impressions, hospitality or guest services team. Greg will do a training on guest services practices, a talk on why first impressions matter, and walk your team through key points from his books Secrets of a Secret Shopper and the Hospitality Handbook for Volunteers.

On this Saturday, there will be a morning meeting, lunch (provided by the church), an afternoon meeting, and then Greg is available for dinner with your pastor or senior leadership. On Sunday, Greg will do his regular secret shopper and guest evaluation service. He will see your team in action and be ready to offer feedback on Sunday night to them.

Greg will spend the night and return home on Monday. This is the “not-so-secret” secret shopper visit option where your staff and team know he’s coming. There is a set fee (plus travel expenses) based on the size of your church. Due to the extra days and meetings, this price is always at least twice of Package One, but well worth it.

  • For both above options: Costs include a fee for the secret shopper service plus travel expenses (flight, car rental, hotel, and meals).  Contact Greg for questions about pricing for his church secret shopper consultation.

Greg has been called an expert in social media. Greg founded and ran his own social media marketing firm that catered to businesses. Greg also frequently consults with churches, businesses, and non-profits in the area of social media, branding, and online presence. Greg consulted with Josh McDowell Ministries in the area of social media and online presence. Greg was the Director of Communications for a large nonprofit and deals with online presence and branding on a daily basis.

The advantage of this package is there are no travel costs (no flight, rental car, meals or hotel). Greg can do all his work on your online presence from the comfort of his home.

Greg will do a thorough evaluation of your organization’s online presence and then give you a detailed report, which he can go over via conference call or video chat (as he has done for a number of organizations). Greg will go through every page of your website, give you feedback on your online worship service, evaluate your social media, and give you insight, feedback, and areas for improvement. Each consultation includes a plan of action steps for your organization to take in order to make a bigger impact.


Greg Atkinson offers coaching in guest services/first impressions, leadership development, and team building.


Greg has taught on leadership, worship, and first impressions/guest services/hospitality for churches, businesses, colleges, and seminaries. Greg often will come in as a guest speaker for a church staff and lead a time of training for staff development. Greg also teaches from his books and consulting experience in various areas.